Room Shares


Many of our clients like us to match them up with same-sex room companions on our tours in order to avoid having to pay a single room supplement, which is charged by most of the hotels and lodges we use since they are small and have limited capacity. 

Although our Tour Calendar highlights where existing room-share opportunities lie, this monthly e-news feature brings together all current room share vacancies in one handy list.


September 2018
Female share available
Bulgaria in Autumn (8th September)
Isles of Scilly (15th September)
Yellowstone in the Fall (23rd September)

Male share available
Wild Peru - the Best of Manu (12th September)

Zambia’s South Luangwa NP – Nkonzi Camp (20th September) 
Panama – Birding the Darien Gap (22nd September)

October 2018

Female share available
Brazil - Just Jaguars! (3rd October)
Zambia's South Luangwa National Park - Nkonzi Camp (11th October)

South Africa – Kruger (19th October)
Autumn Plants of the Peloponnese (24th October)
Botswana's Desert & Delta (Mammals) (26th October)

Male share available
Brazilian Pantanal & Iguazu Falls (1st October)

South Africa - Just Cats! (8th October)
Morocco - A Bald Ibis Break! (16th October)
New Zealand’s Natural History (28th October)

Uganda – Shoebills to Gorillas (31st October)

November 2018

Female share available
The Falkland Islands (4th November)

Temples & Tigers – The Best of Northern India (7th November)
Northern India & the Himalayan Foothills (9th November)

Male share available

Ecuador – Cock-of-the-rock (1st November)
India - Tiger Direct! (18th November)

December 2018

Female share available
Solomon Islands - A Wildlife Cruise in the South Pacific! (1st December)
Cyprus at Christmas (20th December)
India – Tiger Direct! (23rd December)
Provence at Christmas/New Year (28th December)

Male share available

Solomon Islands - A Wildlife Cruise in the South Pacific! (1st December)
Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands (10th December)

January 2019

Female share available
The Flowers of South Africa's Drakensberg Mountains (15th January)
The Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica (17th January)

Male share available
Norway – A Winter Arctic Cruise (11th January)

February 2019
Female share available
Sri Lanka - Blue Whales & Leopards (2nd February)

Male share available
Ladakh - A Snow Leopard Quest (14th February)

March 2019

Female share available
Botswana's Kalahari Desert (1st March)

Male share available
Galapagos Islands - one week cruise (11th March)

April 2019

Female share available
Puglia in Spring (13th April)

May 2018

Female share available
Spring Birding in New York City (2nd May) 
Sweden's Upland Birds (22nd May)

Male share available
Alaska - Spring in Prince William Sound (4th May)
Go Slow ... in Alderney (6th May)

Romania's Danube Delta & Carpathian Mountains (11th May)
Poland in Spring (12th May)
The Apennines: Italy's Abruzzo National Park (Wildlife Festival Special) (23rd May)