Wildlife Holidays in Europe

Wildlife Holidays in Europe

Our wildlife tours in Europe focus on the outstanding habitats that we have in the region, from extensive boreal and deciduous forests to alpine meadows and expansive steppe and wetlands. We also offer tours that go in search of particularly charismatic species such as Polar Bears in Spitsbergen, Eurasian Lynx in Poland, or Iberian Lynx and Iberian Wolves in Spain. Our Brown Bear holidays in Finland are especially popular, as are our whale-watching holidays in the Azores, Iceland and Norway, whilst other holidays are timed to coincide with impressive spring and autumn bird migrations and congregations across the continent.

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Operations Manager
Andy Tucker

Our Specialist Recommends

"If you love mammals try our short tours to see Bears in Sweden and Finland, or go in search of Wolf or Iberian Lynx in Spain. You can’t beat the Swiss Alps for alpine plants, I’d recommend the Pyrenees if you like walking, and for stunning scenery and flowers the Italian Dolomites are outstanding.”

Operations Manager - Andy Tucker

Naturetrek Tours to Europe

We offer a superb selection of natural history tours in Europe. For the keen walker, our tours amongst the dramatic and awe-inspiring mountain scenery of the  Alps, Tatras, Carpathians, Apennines, Picos and Pyrenees provide a chance to enjoy birds, wildflowers, butterflies and other wildlife, breaking each day, of course, for a legendary Naturetrek picnic lunch! We have a selection of holidays that search for some of Europe’s great mammals, and others that head north to enjoy Arctic wildlife, or some of the continent’s special islands. Here are some of the our wildlife tours in Europe that you can choose from:

Our British & Irish Breaks

If you prefer to stay within the British Isles, we offer a selection of 100+ tours in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, as well as the British Channel Islands of Alderney, GuernseyJersey, Herm and Sark, and even an island-hopping tour.