Wildlife Holidays in Mongolia

Mongolia is a land-locked country in east-central Asia, bordered by Russia to the north, and China to the south, east and west. Ulanbataar is the capital, and over 45% of the population lives there. Genghis Khan founded the Mongol Empire in 1206 and his grandson Kublai Khan conquered China to establish the Yuan dynasty, a fact documented by Marco Polo when he visited in the 13th century. At its height, the Mongol Empire covered 22% of the world’s land surface and formed the largest contiguous (land) empire in history.

Today, Mongolia is the world’s 19th largest country and has a varied geography, with the Gobi Desert in the south and mountainous regions to the north and west. It has vast areas of steppes, and roughly 11% of the country is forested. Winters are very cold and summers are hot.

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"'Mongolia's Dinosaurs, Past & Present!' is unique 16-day fossil-hunting and birdwatching tour to Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, including a visit to Hustai National Park, home of Przewalski’s Horse and the secretive Pallas’s Cat. In addition, we have a 12-day tour which goes in search of Mongolia’s Snow Leopards as well as other mammals and birds in the Altai Mountains and Hustai National Park."

Operations Manager - Tom Mabbett