Big Cat Safari Holidays

Big cats are among the most admired and sought-after mammals on the planet, and we are proud to offer a broad and comprehensive range of big cat safari holidays. We offer inspiring and truly memorable wildlife tours to enjoy sightings of all of the world’s iconic species in their natural habitats, including Tigers in India and Nepal, Jaguars in the Pantanal, Pumas in Chile and Snow Leopards in India and Mongolia.

We offer a range of itineraries around Africa and encounter the continent’s high-profile species like Lions, Cheetahs and Leopards. We also have wildlife holidays that catch sightings of the Asiatic Lion in India and the elusive Leopard in Sri Lanka. We do not neglect the smaller cats either, and offer short breaks to go in search of Wildcat and both Eurasian and Iberian Lynx.

Our specialist recommends...

"Naturetrek has been instrumental in designing, researching and pioneering many of the big cat safari tours on the market. Our dedicated Tiger-watching trips have an unparalleled 100% success record with sightings, while if you want an experience dedicated to looking for Jaguars, you can’t do any better than our 'Brazil – Just Jaguars!' excursion. Additionally, our 'South Africa – Just Cats!' holiday offers a chance to see a wide variety of species in stunning scenery."

Tom Mabbett - Operations Manager


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