Wildlife Holidays in Sweden

With a landmass far exceeding the UK, but with nearly seven times less humans, Europe’s largest Nordic country offers superb opportunities for budding and experienced naturalists alike. Vibrant cities such as Stockholm and Gothenburg offer an eclectic mix of modernity combined with a far-spanning and fascinating cultural heritage, and also support 85% of Sweden’s population, leaving vast tracts of pristine natural habitats to explore. Extensive, untouched primeval forest, dramatic mountain ranges and tundra beckon, alongside glittering azure lakes, wetlands alive with fabulous avifauna and an extensive and varied coastline dotted with over 8,000 islands, all teeming with a wonderful array of wildlife.

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"'Sweden's Upland Birds is a fantastic tour exploring Vastmanland and southern Lapland in search of lowland forest and wetland birds such as Northern Hawk Owl and Black-throated Diver, plus charismatic avifauna of the magnificent upland and wilderness regions of Sweden.  

Operations Manager - Tom Mabbett

Naturetrek Tours to Sweden

Sweden's wonderfully varied landscape supports a rich and enticing tapestry of wildlife. The lowland forests and wetlands of Svartådalen offer no less than seven species of owl including Eagle, Pygmy, Ural and Tengmalm’s. Watching eagerly as evening falls in the boreal forest and majestic Great Grey Owls drift silently by is truly unforgettable. Here, too, one can search for seven species of woodpecker and a plethora of intriguing passerines. The wetlands are particularly vibrant in late spring, with Black Tern, Spotted Crake and breeding Black-throated Diver all possible. Further north, mighty mountains and dramatic gorges beckon, offering an altogether different array of wildlife, including Ptarmigan and Snow Bunting, whilst Golden Eagles soar majestically overhead. The taiga forests and open tundra of Swedish Lapland support a plethora of interesting high alpine flora and fauna; here, such delights as Lapland Bunting, Hawk Owl and Gyrfalcon can be enjoyed, alongside one of Scandinavia’s finest shows, at the lek of the Great Snipe.

On the mammal front, such iconic species as beaver and Mountain Hare are possible, and central Sweden’s Eurasian Elk population exceeds 400,000 – the highest density in the world! Hides set deep within the forested hills of Gästrikland offer wonderful chances to view and photograph Brown Bears. Botanists and entomologists will also be in their element. Vibrant carpets of wildflowers adorn the islands of Orland and Gotland in late spring, including an enticing array of orchids, and central forests and wetlands support an intriguing blend of Scandinavian and Eastern European butterflies, including Sweden’s rarest; the Assman’s Fritillary.

Whilst much of Sweden enjoys a temperate climate, with pleasant summers and colder, often snowy winters, the northern 15% of the country lies within the Arctic Circle and offers an entirely different experience. Home of the indigenous Sami people, this wonderfully wild and untamed landscape offers a very special combination of scenery and wildlife, which can be explored via traditional Husky sled, Nordic skis or snowshoes – a truly magical experience! Vast herds of Reindeer beckon, and, amongst the avifauna, one can hope for such charismatic species as Capercaillie, Black Grouse and Siberian Jay. The snow-shrouded landscape here also offers unique and enticing opportunities for wolf tracking; hearing these most elegant of creatures respond to ‘calls’ made by expert guides is an unrivalled experience. On a Naturetrek holiday in the middle of winter, there’s even the unmissable opportunity to camp in cosy, traditional ‘lávvu’ tents, learning more about Sami culture around a crackling campfire, hot chocolate in hand, beneath a sky ablaze with the glittering arc of the Milky Way and the awe-inspiring Aurora Borealis. 

With such an enticing array of flora and fauna, set within simply breath-taking scenery, and only a short flight from the UK, Sweden is a captivating destination for a wildlife holiday! We offer a range of tours throughout the seasons, as well as Tailormade options for those preferring to travel as a private group or with a specific interest in mind.