Wildlife Holidays in Macedonia

Tell me about Macedonia …

The most southerly of the six republics that were previously part of Yugoslavia, the Republic of Macedonia declared its independence in 1991. A landlocked country in the heart of the Balkans, Macedonia has a rich history, having been in turns occupied and ruled by Alexander the Great, Romans, Greeks, Ottomans and Slavs, to name a few!

A central valley runs through the middle of Macedonia, formed by the Vardar River; to either side lie mountains. Macedonia has three national parks and a relatively rich fauna and flora for a country that is smaller than Belgium.

Our Specialist Recommends

"Our  ‘Butterflies of Macedonia’ holiday offers an exciting opportunity for Lepidoptera enthusiasts to explore what must be one of the least-known, least-visited countries in Europe. It’s home to over 200 species of butterfly, and on our week-long trip you could expect to see almost half of these."

Operations Manager - Paul Stanbury

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