At Naturetrek we have been crafting expertly-guided group and tailor-made wildlife holidays and cruises to all seven continents since 1986. On one of our holidays, you can be assured that our passionate team will enable you to experience and enjoy the best of the world's wildlife and natural spectacles in as comfortable and rewarding a manner as possible, caring as best we can for the environment in the process. Whether your ambition is to watch Tigers, Jaguars, bears or whales, or you are looking for an African safari, a birding or botany tour, or a focus on mammals, butterflies or wildlife photography, our expert team of well-travelled naturalists will be delighted to help and advise you.

Senegal Parrot

Ghana - In Search of the Picathartes

A 9-day birding tour to the Upper Guinea rainforests of Ghana in search of the rare Yellow-headed Picathartes and a wealth of other exciting West African birds.

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9 days £2,495 inc. flights View Holiday

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Western Sahara's Desert Wildlife (Birds)

An 8-day adventure in north-west Africa in search of the region’s extraordinar...

8 days £2,995 inc. flights

Spring Wildlife of Southern California

A unique 15-day tour of southern California to enjoy the spring birds, mammals a...

15 days £4,895 inc. flights

Sri Lanka - Blue Whales & Leopards

A 10-day holiday in search of Blue Whales off Sri Lanka's south coast, as well a...

10 days £2,595 inc. flights

Latest News

  • Private Groups Open Day, Tuesday 28th April 2020

    If you are a member or trip organiser of a local natural history society, ornithological club or botanical group, and are interested in arranging a trip away in the UK, Europe or even further afield, then this day is for you!

  • Combine wildlife and geology on our new walking holiday in Italy’s Carnic Alps!

    Few places in Europe combine scenery, wildlife and geology quite so spectacularly as the Carnic Alps. A century of depopulation and abandonment has created unprecedented space for nature to thrive here, while the mountains’ dramatic rock formations bear...

  • Puffin-watching

    Atlantic Puffins are one of those characterful birds that many people love to watch, and we are often asked which of our UK tours they can be seen on. Nicknamed ‘Sea Parrots’ or ‘Clowns of the Sea’ due to their colourful face markings, these small...

  • Wildlife of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

    The Yellowstone and the Grand Teton National Parks comprise the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, a land of jagged peaks, deep canyons, thundering waterfalls, geothermal geysers and pools of spectral colours.