At Naturetrek we have been crafting expertly-guided group and tailor-made wildlife holidays and cruises to all seven continents since 1986. On one of our holidays, you can be assured that our passionate team will enable you to experience and enjoy the best of the world's wildlife and natural spectacles in as comfortable and rewarding a manner as possible, caring as best we can for the environment in the process. Whether your ambition is to watch Tigers, Jaguars, bears or whales, or you are looking for an African safari, a birding or botany tour, or a focus on mammals, butterflies or wildlife photography, our expert team of well-travelled naturalists will be delighted to help and advise you.

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Great Whales of the Azores (Pico)

An 9-day holiday on Pico in the centre of the Azores archipelago, timed to coincide with the arrival of migrating Fin, Sei and Blue Whales, which join resident Sperm Whales and dolphins each spring.

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Go Slow ... in Portugal

A relaxed 8-day holiday to Portugal’s ‘Silver Coast’ in search of birds, b...

8 days £1,595 inc. flights

Panama - Harpy Eagle Special

An 8 day bird filled holiday providing a wonderful opportunity to see one of wor...

8 days £2,795 inc. flights

Wildlife Photography - in the Spanish Pyrenees

An 8-day holiday offering a chance to learn and practise your photography skills...

8 days £1,595 inc. flights

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