Seeing the Northern Lights

It is many people’s wish to experience for themselves the fantastic celestial phenomenon of the Northern Lights. Caused by particles from the sun disrupting the upper atmosphere and exciting atoms in the sky, it is an ephemeral, unpredictable and thrilling marvel of nature. One moment there might be a faint green glow on the horizon, the next minute there can be pulsating ribbons of green, magenta or even red light spreading across the sky. Every display is unique!

Auroral activity can be seen throughout the long, far northern winter, but it can be variable. At Naturetrek, we combine looking out for Aurora Borealis, as Galileo called it, with daytime searches for wildlife, ranging from winter birdlife to cruises for whale watching.

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"If you travel to northern latitudes during the winter months you stand a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights. Our tours in Iceland and Northern Norway visit remote regions with little light pollution so when the skies are clear, we will be on the lookout for Aurora. I recommend the 'Iceland - Northern Lights & Winter Wildlife' holiday for stunning winter landscapes, winter birds including Gyrfalcon, whale watching and Northern Lights. ”

David Phillips – Operations Manager 

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