Wildlife Holidays in Jamaica

Jamaica is situated to the south of Cuba and to the west of Hispaniola, and is the third-largest island in the Caribbean. It was under British rule for almost 300 years, and gained independence in 1962. Jamaica is a Commonwealth realm, with Queen Elizabeth II as its monarch and head of state. Jamaica has produced many famous musicians (including Bob Marley), writers and athletes such as the sprinter Usain Bolt.

Birds are abundant and make up the majority of the island’s native and endemic vertebrate species. Jamaica has 28 endemic bird species, and sites in the Blue and John Crow Mountains are particularly rewarding for birdwatchers.

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Operations Manager
Tom Mabbett

Our Specialist Recommends

"We offer a relaxed, 9-day single-centre birdwatching holiday to Jamaica based at the Green Castle Eco-retreat, which is set within a beautiful 1,600-acre private reserve. All but one of the island’s 28 endemic birds  have been recorded in and around the grounds of the lodge! We also visit the John Crown and Blue Mountains during our stay. Whilst the focus is on birdwatching, there’s also time to enjoy the lodge pool and have some relaxation”

Operations Manager - Tom Mabbett

Naturetrek Tours to Jamaica

Our tour to Jamaica brings the opportunity for relaxation as well as the chance to see all of the Islands 28 endemic bird species and much more. 'Jamaica - An Island of Endemics!' is a hugely rewarding, yet relaxed, single-centre 9-day birdwatching holiday to the Caribbean island of Jamaica based at the excellent Green Castle Eco-retreat.

Highlights of a Jamaica wildlife tour with Naturetrek

  • Jamaica has 28 endemic birds, more than any other Caribbean island! Our groups regularly see them all.
  • Look for colourful American wood warblers (en route to northern breeding grounds).
  • A relaxed single centre holiday with time for enjoying the lodge pool and beautiful grounds.
  • Night-walks to look for endemic Jamaican Owl plus Northern Potoo
  • Look for the spectacular Black-billed and Red-billed Streamertail.
  • Visit an area where White-tailed Tropicbirds breed.
  • Superb photographic opportunities.

What’s special about the wildlife Jamaica?

Jamaica has a very high number of endemic species, more than any other Caribbean island. What’s more is that a vast majority of them are actually quite easy to see meaning we are sure to see a great majority of them with many groups seeing all of them. This is coupled with some superb American species including the amazing, brightly-coloured wood warblers.