Channel Islands Holidays

Sitting in the English Channel, just to the west of Normandy’s Cotentin Peninsula, the tranquil Channel Islands offer truly wonderful holidays for those who enjoy nature. Only a few miles separate the islands from northern France, yet the seas that surround them – warmed by the Gulf Stream – moderate the climate to such an extent that plants and animals normally at home in southern Europe thrive alongside those more familiar to us on the British mainland to the north. In these peaceful and stress-free surroundings, we can enjoy a treasure trove of sought-after species which are not usually found, or are very rare, in the rest of the British Isles. The largest island, Jersey, only covers 45 square miles and so you can be assured that, whichever island you choose to visit, your hotel base will never be far from the day’s excursions and the island’s wildlife hotspots.

The Channel Island’s long and colourful sunsets are unforgettable and the food – often locally grown, caught, or produced – is sensational. On each holiday we will join local experts, who will accompany us in search of the archipelago’s wildlife highlights such as seabird colonies, migrant birds, rare orchids and insects, nocturnal mammals and much, much more. Paired with some of the finest accommodation on each island, our holidays to Jersey, Alderney, Guernsey, Sark and Herm offer a special combination of exciting wildlife and the chance to thoroughly unwind … it will be very hard to leave!

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Operations Manager
Dan Lay

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"I highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to explore multiple islands on a back-to-back tour basis. Many of our holidays to the Channel Islands have been carefully planned to allow those wishing for a longer holiday the chance to do so, with one island tour following another."

Operations Manager - Dan Lay

Naturetrek Holidays to the Channel Islands

Our selection of tours includes:

  • Alderney is the most northerly and isolated of the Channel Islands, and measures just 3.5 by 1.5 miles. Despite its small size, the island’s rich tapestry of habitats merits close attention from the keen naturalist. Based at the splendid 4-star Braye Beach Hotel, with views over the bay and its idyllic white sandy beach, you can choose from either our 5-day ‘Alderney – Wildlife & History in Style’ holiday or our 8-day ‘Go Slow in Alderney’ offering.
  • Our 'Guernsey in Spring' holiday is timed for the peak of the northerly bird migration, and the islands’ strategic position in the channel make for an exciting passage of birds taking respite on the islands. This also coincides with the flowering of the meadows at Les Vicheries, which are considered some of the best for orchids in the British Isles.
  • Herm is one of the smallest of the inhabited Channel Islands. Unspoilt with pristine beaches, turquoise waters, an interesting mix of wildlife and no cars, Herm is simply a wonderful location for the all-round naturalist.
  • Jersey has a unique and understated charm, and on our holiday here, which departs in May, you can enjoy many wonderful species not found on the British Isles mainland, such as Western Green Lizard, Short-toed Treecreeper and Jersey Orchid, the latter you can enjoy within a beautiful coastal meadow where an incredible 60,000 orchids, of four species, have been recorded.
  • With no cars, airport nor light pollution, Sark offers the chance to activate the senses in an incredibly idyllic way. In the spring and autumn, the island acts as a migrant trap and has provided refuge for an exciting variety of unusual species over the years. Wildflowers and butterflies thrive here, and Sark’s incredible night skies have been recognised for their quality by the International Dark-sky Association. You can choose from our springtime 'Sark in Style', our 'Sark in Summer', or our 'Go Slow in Sark' holiday.
  • If you are having trouble deciding between single-island tours then perhaps our Channel Islands – Guernsey, Herm & Sark exploring three islands is the one for you!

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