Purple Swamphen by Jon Hornbuckle

Birdwatching holiday in Northern Queensland - Little Bronze Cuckoo & lunch with waterbirds! Extracts from guide Carol Iles' diary ...

Figbird by Phil Shaw

Tour leader Carol Iles continues her diary of a private birdwatching and wildlife holiday organised by Naturetrek in Northern Queensland...

Tree Kangaroo, Australia by Susan Flashman

A customer travelled on our 'Birding in Queensland' tour and submitted this entry to our writing competition.

Brown Bear by Byron Palacios

Sometimes even the most experienced naturalists find themselves bowled over with the sheer quality or quantity of sightings of sought-after or iconic species and on our ‘Spain’s “Big Three”: In Search of Whales, Bears & Wolves’ holiday in early September, leaders Gerald Broddelez and Byron Palacios hit the jackpot with superb, prolonged sightings of both Wolf and Brown Bear in northern Spain, to the delight of everyone on the tour!

Mountain Gorilla

Helen Ingelbrecht travelled on our 'Uganda - Mammals and Mountains' holiday and submitted this entry to our writing competition.