It's a balmy, pleasant morning and at 6.30am it's still no less than 20 degrees Celsius. As the waves crash onto the sandy beach, Carib Grackles are calling nearby while colourful Bananaquits are squeaking around the bar area waiting for their morning supply of sugar!

Watching Brown Bears padding out of the forest, delicious meals and the thrill of a night spent in a forest hide: Gill Murphy describes her 'Sweden's Bears' holiday with us last year.

The montane forests of Sabah in northern Borneo are home to a dazzling array of wildlife, including the elusive Clouded Leopard. Our October group was lucky enough to come across one of these highly secretive big cats. Chris Kehoe, leader of our ‘Mount Kinabalu & the Rainforests of Borneo’ holiday, describes an unforgettable encounter with the near-mythical Clouded Leopard …

At Chaparri Lodge in northern Peru last September our inaugural 'Spectacled Bears & Andean Condors' group spent time enjoying the company of a wild female Spectacled Bear with two adorable cubs. As far as we're aware the first successful tour specifically designed to see Spectacled Bears in the wild.

The Naturetrek group arriving on the Falkland Islands on November 3rd was greeted by a wonderful cloudless afternoon and a temperature of 20ºC: a taste of the warm weather in store during a tour that was blessed with both fine summer conditions and exceptional wildlife experiences.