Sicilian Rock Partridge by Stuart Elsom

A customer travelled on our 'Spring Birding in Sicily' holiday and submitted this entry to our writing competition.

Mountain Pansy by Dawn Nelson

Despite the rain, participants on our inaugural 'The Wild Flowers of Upper Teesdale' holiday, led by botanist Dawn Nelson, managed to enjoy finding a large proportion of the Teesdale Assemblage of special plants,

Sea Otters by Peter Dunn

Tour leader Peter Dunn has just sent us news and images from two of our 'Whales & Dolphins of Monterey Bay' tours. Both departures enjoyed comfortable accommodation and good food; the August group had the added bonus of encountering Blue Whales - seen from the boat trip and from land.

Sperm Whale diving, Azores by James Phillips

Our August ‘Whales & Dolphins of the Azores’ holiday was once again a great success with 8 species of cetacean recorded with excellent encounters and good numbers of animals seen. We hope these images of a Sperm Whale dive sequence, sent by tour leader James Phillips, will give you a taste of the trip

Purple Swamphen by Jon Hornbuckle

Birdwatching holiday in Northern Queensland - Little Bronze Cuckoo & lunch with waterbirds! Extracts from guide Carol Iles' diary ...