Matt Eade – Operations Manager

Matt joined Naturetrek in March 2020 and manages a diverse portfolio of tours to many areas within the UK, in addition to locations in the USA, North Africa and East Asia. One of his main aims is to find any gaps in our impressive range of holidays and to develop brand new wildlife itineraries to fill them! He also assists Operations Manager Tom Mabbett, as well as dealing with all of the tour report formatting and the company’s social media. He is a keen and enthusiastic tour leader and has already led tours to northern Spain, Fuerteventura, Shetland, Somerset and a number of our Sussex-based tours.

Life Before Naturetrek

Prior to joining Naturetrek, Matt travelled widely between 2011 and 2020, setting foot on all seven continents before the age of 30. Such trips included a voyage to Antarctica (and South Georgia), Papua New Guinea, Guyana, and a number of sub-Saharan African countries, to name but a few. Although these trips were primarily bird-focussed, one couldn’t help but admire the abundance of the other wildlife present, and it would be the mammals that usually ended up being the highlights of these adventures! He has also travelled widely throughout the UK and is proud to have seen the complete set of butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies, and most orchids. He leads a highly active life, having run 11 marathons; in 2011 he also completed a one-million-metre swim for charity, which equated to swimming just under two miles each day for a year!


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