For the last 33 years Naturetrek have being offering the chance to visit some of Europe’s last remaining wildlife havens with world-class guides and like-minded individuals. However, for those who prefer not to travel as part of a group, Tailormade travel offers a wealth of opportunity!

As Naturetrek’s representative, I was pleased to accept the invitation from Butterfly Conservation to attend a guided visit to a reintroduction site in north-east Hampshire for this scarce and beautiful UK butterfly.

Three Naturetrek groups will soon be departing for Chile to witness a total solar eclipse. If you’ve missed this chance to see the greatest of celestial wonders, we will shortly be announcing our plans for next year’s eclipse.

Our new Galápagos yacht, Cachalote Explorer, has just completed her first winter season in the ‘Enchanted Islands’ and we have finally got our hands on a collection of quality images which showcase the appeal of the boat.

Few people know much about this far-flung archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic – yet few places in Europe offer better cetacean watching!