In December, Naturetrek staff took part in our traditional Christmas Bird Race and lunch with quiz — albeit in the traditional-for-2020 Zoom format! From said festivities, we share Operations Manager Kerrie Porteous' infamous quiz!

British and Irish waters support around 40% of the global population of Grey Seals and the colonies around the coasts of Norfolk and Lincolnshire, notably the colony at Blakeney Point in Norfolk, have seen a rapid population increase since the first Grey Seal pup was recorded in 1988.

Richard Dampney travelled on our 'Costa Rica' holiday and submitted this entry to our writing competition.

Writer Mike Unwin, who regularly pens wildlife-oriented pieces for the Daily Telegraph, joined two of our Day Trips in Norfolk during December and captures the essence of them perfectly in this article, reproduced by kind permission of the Telegraph.

Paul Tucker submitted this entry to our writing competition.