During the long, dark nights of the northern winter, few memories sparkle so brightly as those from the days with a backdrop of sunlit wildflowers. And what better way to make those memories than to take a botanical holiday?

There is no more iconic wildlife holiday than an African safari. The very word “safari” conjures a certain image: grassland dotted with Acacias, over which Giraffes graze and under which antelopes run, while the great predators such as Lions and Leopards lurk in the shadows and huge herbivores, such as Elephants and Rhinos, witness the daily dramas.

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This is a wonderful summer’s day out packed with gardening inspiration, stunning floral displays and workshops in a majestic setting. We will be exhibiting here for the first time. Come and meet our team on stand 858.

Peter Dunn, one of our longest-standing tour leaders, has led tours for us for over 18 years, both in far-flung corners of the globe  – from the Antarctic, Spitsbergen, North and Central America and the Caribbean – to closer to home in remote regions of Iceland, Spain, Poland and Hungary (just to name a few!)