Japan is a unique and fascinating country to explore. This beautiful chain of islands, born of the ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’, is a perplexing mix of the ultra-modern and ancient. Vast cities that never sleep are lit by a kaleidoscope of neon and kept moving by futuristic technology and automation, the likes of which we have yet to see further west.

Naturetrek and our hosts in Abruzzo, Geraldine and Marco, formed a winning partnership many years ago. The hotel’s perfect location, nestled just outside the quiet town of Pescasseroli, our hosts’ warm and engaging hospitality, coupled with excellent local cuisine really does make the Albergo Paradiso the perfect base. With our first group visiting back in 2002, we have since sent many clients to enjoy this special region, and Geraldine and Marco are always happy to host more!

Operations Manager Alison Steel visited Papua New Guinea in April. In this article she describes her encounters with the wonderful birds-of-paradise and other wildlife of this far-flung destination.

Its geological and evolutionary history, landscapes and extraordinary wildlife make this beautiful volcanic archipelago unlike anywhere else on the planet. These ‘Enchanted Isles’, where Charles Darwin developed his ground-breaking theory of evolution, are home to prehistoric-looking Land and Marine Iguanas and Giant Tortoises, as well as a host of endemic birds and other wildlife.

Our Naturetrek Tailormade team loves nothing more than planning unique and exciting wildlife holidays for our guests. Perhaps most of all, we love the diversity of the holidays that we create, as well as the diversity of those we create them for. We know that each new enquiry brings its own suite of specific requirements and needs, which can vary from a family’s wish to have a swimming pool at each hotel, to a disabled person’s need for accessible rooms and vehicles.