Emma travelled on our ‘Canada — The West’ holiday in September 2017 and wrote this evocative piece entitled ‘The Enchanted Rainforest’ in response to a magical last day of the holiday!

Here at Naturetrek Tailormade we understand that time is a very precious commodity for families, and the opportunity to spend quality time together away from the pressures of work, school and every-day life can often be too rare a thing.

Our ‘Ecuador’s Mammals’ tour this January, led (as usual) by Gustavo Cañas, enjoyed unprecedented success, with Mountain Tapir, Spectacled Bear, Tayra, Olinguito, Giant River Otter and Harpy Eagle all enjoyed by our group.

Operations Manager, Kerrie Porteous, travelled to Ethiopia in May to catch up with our guides, inspect our hotels, and – of course! – enjoy some of the magnificent wildlife that call this country home. This is what she found…

Long a fan of big cats, in 2015 I was privileged to see African and Asian Lions, African and Asian Leopards, Snow Leopards, Tigers, Jaguars, Pumas and Cheetahs (plus a number of small cats), all while leading Naturetrek tours.