Read about highlights from recent tours to the Maldives, Antarctica, Japan, Siberia, Spain, Sri Lanka, India and the USA…

Do you fancy a birding trip to Europe this year? If so, there is a wealth of great destinations to choose from, from sunny Spain to chilly Finland, and from France to the fringes of Asia. The following ten sites are among the best the continent has to offer, although it is perfectly possible to choose ten more to run them close.

Wildlife holidays provide photographers with wonderful opportunities, as well as the chance to hone their craft. When the adventure is over, they can relive the experience through their photography, and share these cherished memories with friends and family!

The Russian Far East is a remote, sparsely populated and profoundly wild place, where vast taiga forests still support some of our planet’s most dramatic wildlife. The most iconic of all is the magnificent, and near-mythical, Siberian Tiger.

This new monthly feature will shine the spotlight on some of our regular tour leaders. Kicking us off this month is an interview with David Tattersfield, one of our most experienced and popular botanical leaders who has been guiding tours for us for 20 years.