Sara Frost – Website & Marketing Manager

Sara manages our website and marketing and specialises in leading our cruises to the Maldives, Arctic, Scotland, Azores and Indonesia. Her busy office role involves producing our email marketing, managing our website (of 650 tours!), negotiating with magazines to deliver our in-print advertising (and designing it), managing our PR, overseeing our social media, assisting with our newsletter and brochure production plus directing and hosting our online events. She is also a passionate public speaker and frequently presents to wildlife societies. Outside of work she enjoys running, trekking (Everest Base Camp was a highlight!), gardening, photography and writing for magazines.

Life Before Naturetrek

Strongly inspired by natural history documentaries and gallivanting around the countryside of County Durham/North Yorkshire where she grew up, Sara developed a passion for wildlife at a young age. She went on to study Zoology at Newcastle University, also becoming President of the university’s Zoological Society and a Features writer for the university newspaper. After graduating, she worked in British Columbia, Canada, as a wildlife rehabilitator caring for bears, Coyotes, otters and Raccoons on a daily basis. When she wasn’t providing medical care to injured wildlife, she could be found hiking in the mountains, photographing wildlife and avoiding bears (usually successfully!). On her return to the UK, she spent three years working at sea in the Scottish Hebrides as a wildlife guide. She also spent her summers as the Senior Wildlife Officer on a ship in the North Sea, surveying cetaceans and delivering evening lectures to guests. Always keen to be involved with media, Sara has presented on both live radio and TV, has worked as a guide for Ray Mears, TV film crews and on the BBC's 'The One Show'.


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