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Byron is an Ecuadorian Ecologist and Field Ornithologist who has been working as a researcher and bird watching tour leader since 2000. A keen birder and nature lover by 'nature', Byron has a vast knowledge of the neotropical and Western Palearctic avifauna, particularly in his native Ecuador and neighbouring Colombia. His sharp ears and eyes permit him to locate the most elusive forest-dwelling birds in the field, successfully leading more than two-hundred trips so far. As a Field Ornithologist, Byron has contributed with many important discoveries for the Ecuadorian Ornithology, all published in scientific magazines and bulletins, such as the first record for Ecuador of the Thicket Antpitta (Hylopezus dives), Feb. 2007; the rediscovery of the Yellow-eared Toucanet (Selenidera spectabilis), Aug. 2006; and the discovery of the Choco Vireo (Vireo masteri), Sept.2004, A New Bird Species for Ecuador. Byron currently works as an independant Wildlife Consultant for leading wildlife companies and conservation organizations, having also become actively involved in many birding and conservation programmes in Spain, where his birding field skills have rapidly made him one of the authorities amongst the Iberian wildlife world. Byron currently lives in west Dorset, England, with his daughter Isabel.

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