For me, Sperm Whales are the most fascinating animal on the planet. They sum up every superlative in the book, so Channel 4’s excellent ‘Inside Nature’s Giants Special’ episode on Sperm Whales last night had me completely gripped from start to finish! And all the more so, since the footage of the living whales was taken exactly where Naturetrek’s ‘Whales & Dolphins of the Azores’ tour is based ...

Golden Jackal by Bret Charman

While the UK was in full Royal Wedding mode, one lucky member of our group in Samos had an unusual daytime encounter – with a Golden Jackal. Rarely seen during the day, one passed right in front of Naturetrek client David Mason, making his trip!

Estonia is a delightful bird watching destination and has a great deal to offer at any season. However, one of prime objectives of our early April long-weekend in the country is to witness the gathering of Steller's Eiders off Saaremaa island, the largest of the myriad of islands which stud the Estonian coast.

Tour leader Rob Murray describes some of the highlights of our ‘Poland in Spring’ tour which returned Saturday 14th May – encounters with 3 huge male Bison, both White-backed and Three-toed Woodpeckers, and a Pygmy Owl were personal favourites

Naturetrek’s Bret Charman recently travelled to Wales for a wildlife photography event like no other in the UK. The Red Kite feeding centre of Gigrin Farm was Bret's destination for a few hours of photography heaven.