If you like dragonflies, and want to see something a bit exotic, try Sardinia. The second largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia has a wide range of habitats which are home to a surprisingly varied plant and animal life – and, like most islands, it has a few surprises up its sleeve!

In Part 1 of this article Gwen wrote about North Island. Here she continues her exploration of New Zealand with a trip to South Island where she encounters albatrosses and fur seals, and she visits Kaikoura, home to some of the best whale watching on the planet.

On a recent trip to Colombia, our tailormade manager, Robin Smith, had the opportunity to enjoy several days’ birding with a local guide in the south of this fascinating country, focusing on the western Pacific slope. Here he reports on his journey.

Magnificent scenery, whales, giant tree ferns and glaciers – New Zealand has a great deal to offer the nature enthusiast. Naturetrek's operations manager for New Zealand, Gwen Owen, describes some of the best scenery and wildlife on offer in the country's spectacular North Island.

Dolphin Watching

I’ve just got back from our ‘Whales & Dolphins of Madeira’ tour, on which we had fantastic weather and cetacean sightings on every trip out to sea, including a group of Atlantic Spotted Dolphins bow-riding, leaping, tail-slapping and generally showing off all around our boat for about 40 minutes in perfect conditions; Short-finned Pilot Whales logging and swimming around us, again in a perfectly calm impossibly blue sea; Loggerhead Turtle, a hammerhead shark and much more. Fantastic!