Winter Wildlife Tours

As summer draws to a close and the evenings begin to darken, we’ve selected four of our favourite holidays in northern Europe to tempt you – all designed to capitalise on the dark skies, snowfall and stunning winter wildlife.

Imagine standing on a frozen lake, surrounded by snow-laden forests, cold still air and a deep silence. This is central Sweden in the depths of winter: a stunning patchwork of endless taiga forests and myriad lakes, home to mammals long since extinct elsewhere in Europe. Why not join our expert guides and go Wolf-tracking in Winter; our mission is to search for fresh tracks and to learn a little of the activities and habits of the local Wolf packs. How many are there in the pack? What have they been doing? What are they hunting? Wolves themselves are highly secretive, but we do hope to spot a number of their prey as we search, including Eurasian Elk and Roe Deer, plus Mountain Hare, Red Squirrel and possibly even Otter, Eurasian Beaver and Pine Marten.
During the summer months, Norway lives up to its famous soubriquet: the ‘land of the midnight sun’; however, during late winter it is completely transformed! At this time of year it offers a different kind of illumination across its sweeping skyscapes – one of nature’s most captivating phenomena, the Northern Lights. Our Norwegian Coastal Voyage begins in Tromso, north of the Arctic Circle, when daylight lengthens once again to 8 hours/day. Here we plan to enjoy the birds, wild landscapes and Aurora Borealis on land before boarding one of the celebrated ‘Hurtigruten’ passenger ships to enjoy one of the world’s most scenic coastal voyages down the coast to Trondheim.
In recent winters the precipitous fjords of northern Norway have become the stage for one of Europe's great wildlife spectacles. Vast shoals of Herring have been congregating in the fjords and inlets in the region of Tromsø, several hundred kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. Such an enormous glut of food does not go unnoticed in the natural world and, shadowing these huge shoals, are pods of Orcas (Killer Whales), Humpback Whales and, overhead, White-tailed Eagles. Our new 9-day Orcas, Humpbacks and Northern Lights holiday includes a 7-night cruise aboard the historic 2-masted schooner SV Noorderlicht, and from our comfortable floating base we will explore the magnificent scenery of the Norwegian fjords – white with snow in the middle of the winter – enjoying the mountains, whales, eagles and other wildlife. Although the sun does not break the horizon in early January, it hovers just below, on clear days lighting the landscape with a diffuse pink glow. Once the sun has dipped away once more and darkness falls, the long winter nights are just perfect – weather permitting – for witnessing that other wonder of nature, the ethereal flickering of the Northern Lights!
Standing under a starry sky and watching as the Northern Lights ‘dance’ and flicker above us is at the top of many travellers’ bucket list. On our Iceland – Northern Lights & Winter Wildlife tour we are ideally situated under the ‘Auroral Oval’, and so each evening we turn our eyes to the heavens in the hope of witnessing this breathtaking phenomenon. During the day, we explore the famous ‘Golden Circle’, take to the water in search of Orca and Humpback Whales off Iceland’s Snaefellsnes Peninsula, and enjoy some of the (limited!) birdlife – perhaps including Harlequin Duck, White-tailed Eagle and the mighty Gyr Falcon.
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