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Wildlife holidays in Italy with Naturetrek
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Wildlife holidays in Italy

What’s special about Italy?

Italy casts its magical spell on many of its visitors, who find themselves returning again and again to explore different regions of this wonderful part of Europe.

Its ancient cities such as Rome, Venice and Florence are breathtaking, but these are not the only places to find architectural and artistic masterpieces. The Colosseum, Grand Canal and Ponte Vecchio might be world renowned, but equally enchanting are the hundreds of small, fortified hilltop towns and villages scattered throughout the country containing a network of often deserted cobbled streets echoing to the sound of church bells, the church itself often hiding its own treasures.

Our Italy specialist recommends...

"Italy is famed for its ancient history but our ‘Italy – The Sorrento Peninsula’ explores the rich Mediterranean and mountain flora, birds and butterflies of this relatively undiscovered area."

Andy Tucker
Operations Manager

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Italys landscape is spectacular. The rolling hills of Tuscany outlined by dark cypress trees are perhaps many peoples perception of Italy. However, over 75% of the country is mountainous with the Alps, Dolomites and Apennines being probably the most well known and providing wonderful mountain walks.

In addition, Italy offers the beautiful Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, the Amalfi coast, the wonders of Pompeii, volcanoes, mountains, ancient cities and some of the best food and wine in the world – the whole bathed in that wonderful light seemingly unique to Italy and so beloved of the Old Masters.

Naturetrek tours to Italy

Naturetrek offers a whole range of wildlife holidays and natural history tours to Italy. The tours include:

  • Natural history & culture in Tuscany
  • Flora, birds & butterflies on the Sorrento Peninsula
  • Flowers of the Gargano Peninsula
  • Bird watching in the Po Delta & sightseeing in Venice
  • An exploration of the wildlife of Umbria & Italian Alps
  • Flowers & butterflies of the Italian Dolomites
  • Brown Bears, Wolves, Wild Boar, butterflies & other special wildlife of Abruzzo National Park


Both Su and Ted did everything possible to make the week a great success. They had an excellent rapport with the group, making sure everyone was involved and their cheerful enthusiasm did much to make us develop into a happy group.
I was very impressed by the level of expertise of both Andrew and Tom. They also had a very good attitude fostering a cheerful and well-bonded group. I'd specifically like to mention Tom, who on at least three occasions bumped into as we went looking for birds (oustide group activites) and with great enthusiasm helped us to find extra birds for our list - firecrest and wryneck included.
The holiday was fantastic and, as a first timer to group holidays and Naturetrek, I would definitely want to go on this type of holiday again. The scenery and wildlife were stunning - probably the word I said most all trip! The sheer abundance and variety of flower and butterfly species was breathtaking. We had good sightings of Golden Eagle and Lammergeier which were the icing on the cake. I was a relative beginner in terms of botany and butterflies but that did not matter. Phil had excellent knowledge and there were others in the group with knowledge to match, but I felt included and soaked it all up. If I remember a tenth of what I learnt I will have learnt a bit - there was so much to see. Phil and Sharon were terrific leaders. They worked very hard to give us a good experience - driving the minibuses and organising great picnics on top of being naturalists and tour guides. They were top class!