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Harpy Eagle Updates 2022

Tom Mabbett
By Tom Mabbett
Operations Manager
16th February 2022
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We are once again delighted to be running our ‘Panama – Harpy Eagle Special’ tour this year and thrilled that it will afford the lucky participants a wonderful opportunity of seeing this magnificent raptor!

A huge 6-month-old Harpy Eagle is at the nest site on a daily basis and we can expect excellent views during our visit. Although the Harpy Eagle is the ultimate target on this tour, a whole host of other species are possible in this famously endemic-rich region. Grey-cheeked Nunlet, White-headed Wren and Pale-bellied Hermit are just some of the specialities around the camp grounds with a host of tanagers, woodpeckers, puffbirds, kingfishers, flycatchers and a great range of raptors all expected too. The Canopy Camp offers very comfortable, large safari-style tented accommodation, with private bathroom facilities, making it a perfect base from which to explore.

Group departure: 16th – 23rd April 2022

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Harpy Eagle juvenile


There is also a fantastic opportunity to see Harpy Eagle in Brazil and we would be pleased to arrange extensions to any of our scheduled holidays for those participants wishing to stay longer. Our group tour, which includes a visit to an active nest site, is our ‘Brazil – Birds & Mammals of the Amazon & Pantanal’ holiday.

The southern Amazon, a short internal flight from Cuiabá, is home to a fantastic number of accessible nest sites, and a tower positioned close to the most appropriate nest will afford outstanding eye-level views. It will also be possible to visit a Harpy nest throughout the Jaguar season of June to November.

This year, there is also a nest just a 5-hour drive from Cuiabá, with the egg hatching just last week! This means that, all being well, there will be a very small chick in the nest, visited very frequently by the adult birds for the next three months or so! This nest will be at eye level, 28m from the top of an easy walk-up tower.

Group departure: 24th May – 7th June 2022

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Harpy Eagle Nest © Marcos Felix, February 2022


Harpy Eagle Nest © Marcos Felix, February 2022

Alternatively, should these scheduled dates not be suitable, we would be delighted to arrange a Tailormade departure to either destination.

For more information on our Harpy Eagle tours please call Tom Mabbett on 01962 733051 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..