Silver-studded Blues © Daniel Green

Upcoming Butterfly Season in Sweden

By Daniel Green
Tour Leader
April 2024

This year's dates for our 'Sweden's Butterflies & Dragonflies' tour are set to coincide with the best flight period for such species as Scarce Fritillary, Scarce Heath, Clouded Apollo, Glanville Fritillary, Bog Fritillary, Heath and False Heath Fritillary, Northern Chequered Skipper and many more. This year is also a 'flying year' for the Baltic Grayling (which only flies every 2nd year) in a particular bog habitat. Indeed it is also in this habitat that Moorland Clouded Yellows and Cranberry Blues can be found, in addition to such dragonflies as Bog Hawker and no fewer than five species of Whitefaces (Leucorrhinia). Likely damselflies include Arctic Bluet and Spearhead Bluet, and we may even see Irish Damselfly!

Flowering roadsides in the forest will offer large and beautiful Common Swallowtails, Marsh Fritillaries, Purple-edged Coppers, Amanda's, Idas and Green-underside Blues to mention but a few. Naturally, we hope the impressive Poplar Admirals will emerge during our week as well. Finally, we plan to spend one evening looking for Great Grey Owls, which have been active in the area recently, so we anticipate our efforts to be rewarded! 

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Apollo © Daniel Green


Amanda's Blue © Daniel Green


Heath Fritillary © Daniel Green


Baltic Hawker © Daniel Green