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Daniel has been a keen birdwatcher since his early childhood. With the Svartadalen, or Black River Valley as it is known in English, as his local turf, Daniel is able to pursue his lifelong fascination with the cranes which gather there every Autumn in huge flocks before flying south for the winter. As well as birds, Daniel is also interested in butterflies, moths and dragonflies. He is driven by the joy of sharing experiences in nature with other people and he has been one of the pioneers of Swedish birding tourism since 2002; he's also been in charge of most British birding trips to central Sweden since then. Along with his interest in wildlife, Daniel also enjoys cooking and writing. His CV includes 12 years as a gourmet chef, a career as a newspaper journalist/photographer and, lately, serving as editor for the second biggest Bird Magazine in Sweden, Fagelvannen.

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