New Tour: The Wild Flowers of Ben Lawers & Perthshire

Alison Steel
By Alison Steel
Operations Manager
17th March 2020
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We’re delighted to be able to offer an extended itinerary of our Ben Lawers tour for this summer, to include further areas of botanical and scenic interest around Perthshire. This 7-day tour will focus on some of the Alpine specialities found on the slopes and hanging gardens of this mountain, as well as other rarities that grow at nearby sites.

Based in the rural village of Killin, delightfully situated at the west end of Loch Tay, we will spend the week visiting mountains, moors and woodland where we can expect to find wonderful species such as Alpine Gentian, Moonwort, Drooping Saxifrage, Rannoch Rush and Scottish Asphodel. We aim to spend at least two full days around the Lawers range to allow time to fully explore the key botanical sites. The famous Birks of Aberfeldy are just a short journey away, where we can meander along the gorge path, watching out for Dipper and Grey Wagtail in the rushing water, while on the banks we may find Small Cow Wheat and other damp loving plants. Rannoch Moor is well renowned for its remoteness and it’s here that we can find some of the best blanket bog in the country.

During our excursions we will also take time to look out for the other wildlife of the area. Within this beautiful, wild landscape moorland birds such as Raven, Ptarmigan and Ring Ouzel may be spotted, and there are various butterflies which prefer the higher elevations. In the woodland areas we might be fortunate enough to locate a lively Red Squirrel while Loch Tay is home to both Otter and Beaver.

For full details of this tour please visit the tour page.