Alison Steel

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Alison Steel

Alison grew up with a fascination of the natural world and enjoys exploring new places. During her zoology degree she spent her summers working on a variety of conservation projects, including 2 months studying hummingbirds in Ecuador and monitoring bats, tarsiers and coral reef systems in Indonesia. She has a bird ringing permit and is often up early on weekend mornings to mist net with a local group. Starting work for Naturetrek in 2015, she is now responsible for looking after a number of UK, Eastern Europe, Uganda and Papua New Guinea holidays, and also leads the occasional tour, such as Japan, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria and the UK. Some of her recent travel highlights include gorilla trekking in Uganda, finding owls in Sweden, photographing puffins on the Farne Islands and ‘dancing’ cranes in Hokkaido, visiting a brown bear hide in Romania, discovering stunning views in Montenegro and Uzbekistan, seeing Wallcreeper for the first time in Bulgaria, watching eagles and otters on Mull, as well as exploring parts of Papua New Guinea.

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