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Tiger travel expert Naturetrek has over 20 years’ experience leading Tiger holidays to the Indian subcontinent, with 100% sightings on top tours.

Unforgettable Tiger Holidays

Arguably one of the most iconic species on the planet, the Tiger is a symbol of natural perfection. The opportunity to observe the animal in its natural habitat on a dedicated Tiger holiday is at the top of many people's wildlife wish list. With more than 20 years' experience leading Tiger watching tours in the Indian subcontinent, Naturetrek offers the widest range of itineraries available.

We visit some of the most wildlife-rich reserves in the subcontinent. Accompanied by the best local naturalist guides and enjoying the security of small group travel, participants enjoy the ultimate thrill of encountering these magnificent wild animals in their own environment.

Our tiger travel specialist recommends …

"Over the past two decades Just Tigers has experienced unparalleled sightings. The itinerary includes 14 game drives and a visit to the Taj Mahal. Since we began the tour we've had 100% sightings! The newer Tiger Direct itinerary encompasses less travel and is experiencing similar success.”

Rajan Jolly
Naturetrek Tour Manager

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Superb Tiger Watching with Naturetrek

As the foremost operator of natural history tours in India, Naturetrek has a long and proud tradition of enabling clients to experience the very best wildlife viewing opportunities in the subcontinent. Over the past two decades, many hundreds of nature lovers have enjoyed the benefits of our renowned small group itineraries, to gain multiple sightings of this beautiful animal in the wild.

Our professionally-organised tours encompass some of the most wildlife-rich reserves in India, including Pench, Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Panna National Parks, as well as the option to include a visit to Ranthambore National Park. Our expert naturalist guides provide the best opportunities for sightings of a wide range of species in these spectacular natural environments.

Optional extensions on the popular Tiger Direct tour grant you access to two other fantastic National Parks: Tadoba and Satpura. Tadoba is an excellent Tiger watching destination, while at Satpura many guests are lucky enough to observe Leopards and Sloth Bears, as well as participate in night game drives.

Some of the reasons our tours are so successful:

  • 100% sightings on our four top safaris in the last five years
  • Small groups escorted by India’s best naturalist guides
  • Up-to-date information from wildlife reserves
  • Scrupulous attention to detail in choosing a high standard of accommodation
  • Excellent local guides monitor the animals’ movement daily to ensure the best sightings

What can I expect on a typical Naturetrek Tiger holiday?

  • A comfortable lodge within a convenient distance from the reserve
  • Twice-daily excursions by vehicle into the reserve
  • Sightings from the back of an elephant in some reserves
  • A focus on sightings of Tigers, while also enjoying culture and other wildlife
  • The security and enjoyment of a small group

Naturetrek has teamed up with some of the world’s leading conservation organisations to offer responsible nature travel experiences, which make a direct contribution to saving these incredible wild cats.


India - Tiger Direct!

You surpassed our already high expectations. The Tiger sightings at Tadoba were excellent and all of the parks we visited were a delight. The trip was well organised, efficient and of high quality in every way.

India - Tiger Direct!

We really enjoyed the trip. Everything was organised very well for us and the Indian staff and guides were all extremely efficient, friendly and helpful.
A fascinating and memorable experience that exceeded all our expectations. The tour leader was Harish Sharma, what a gem you have there! He was professional, polite and pleasant throughout our whole time with him. What a great knowledge he has, mammals, reptiles, bird life, Indian history, mythology, he could speak freely on all these and we were captivated by him. A great asset and credit to the Naturetrek company. On occasions he was assertive when he needed to be, with local guides, drivers and porters, always having our best interests in mind, and influencing them to ensure we as the guests got the best out of it. Our main objective for the trip was to view the magnificent tiger in its natural surroundings, and that was achieved - in fact we had 7 sightings on 3 different drives - indeed on one occasion we were the only vehicle to view, and were only about thirty metres from the tiger on a path before it "strolled" into the forest. We were also lucky enough to see the leopard and sloth bear as well as the "usual" Samber, Spotted Deer, Wild Boar, bison, monkeys and all the different bird life. The trip to Agra was also very memorable, the guide Tarun was very knowledgeable and informative for the whole time he was with us, we learnt a great deal about the Taj Mahal, Baby Taj and Agra Fort - another great day.