Paul Stanbury – Operations and Product Manager

Paul joined Naturetrek in January 1996 and works as Operations Manager in charge of a portfolio of tours that includes most of our Southern African holidays, plus polar cruises, Canada and southern South America. He also leads the writing and production of our brochure and quarterly newsletters and enjoys heading out tour leading too from time to time.

Life Before Naturetrek

Paul graduated in Environmental Science in 1995 and joined the Naturetrek team in January 1996. His keen interests in birds and travel began when aged seven and the intervening years have taken him to many parts of the world. Paul has always had a particular interest in North American wildlife, a fascination which led him to spend the second year of his degree course studying at Western Washington University near Seattle, where he developed a detailed knowledge of the Pacific North-west and its birds. He has also travelled widely in Europe and Africa, and spent three months backpacking around South East Asia from Borneo to Thailand.

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Zambia's South Luangwa National Park

Northern Tanzania

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