Martin Beaton

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Martin Beaton lives in Sussex and is a botanist, ecologist, landscape architect and landscape painter. He has worked for a range of voluntary and public sector organisations, including the RSPB. Martin led a variety of European tours for Naturetrek during the '80s and '90s, and we are now delighted to welcome him back into our 'tour leader fold'. Before returning to tour leading, Martin held the post of chief executive of the South Downs Conservation Board/Joint Committee and was responsible for the management the South Downs prior to its designation as a National Park. In this post he led national changes to the management and legal status of protected landscapes in the UK. He is now semi-retired, a director of Europarc (the organisation for European Protected Landscapes) and continues his botanical and natural history interests locally in Sussex, on the West Coast of Scotland and also in the rest of in Europe. Since resuming guiding with Naturetrek, Martin has led holidays to Portugal, Mull and Islay, Madeira and Menorca, and we look forward to involving him in many more.

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