Hazwan Suban

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Hazwan Bin Suban

Hazwan was born in the coastal city of Sandakan in 1982, attending STPM High School before obtaining his Tour Guide licence. He has been guiding for 9 years, having been based at Uncle Tan's Wildlife Camp before joining Borneo Eco Tours in 2005.

Hazwan has seen 345 of Borneo's bird species and is particularly interested in their calls and songs. The elusive Bornean Ground-Cuckoo of swampy forests is his favourite bird.

Although he has not yet had the opportunity to watch birds in other countries, he would jump at the chance to visit New Guinea with its incredible birds-of-paradise, bowerbirds and other interesting species.

In addition to birds, Hazwan is also fascinated by Borneo's terrific diversity of mammals, many of which are seen on our birding tours.

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