There are many places around the world that are rich in wildlife; there are innumerable sites that are rich in cultural history. Some places are equally good for human and natural history. What do you do? The answer: go on a Naturetrek tour which showcases both.

Those who’ve been lucky enough to travel with Ed unfailingly describe him as extremely enthusiastic and charismatic! He has been a naturalist for over 30 years, with a special interest in birds and marine mammals. 

An entry to our 2019 Writing Competition, Peter and Carolyn Stott travelled on our 'Mongolia's Snow Leopards' tour.

Southern California (or SoCal to the locals) is a land where breathtaking natural beauty merges with modern mythology and film-like backdrops. Beyond Hollywood Boulevard, Venice Beach and multi-lane freeways, Mother Nature has blessed SoCal with iconic beaches, snow-capped crags, sculpted deserts, prolific birdlife and extremely varied wildlife.

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