Puerto Rico, once a Spanish colony and now a U.S. territory is an ideal destination for an easy-going tropical birding holiday in the depths of the British winter. The island, approximately 100 miles long by 35 miles wide, has an excellent road system providing convenient access to its many forest reserves.

India has cut visa fees and simplified the application process, making it easier than ever before to see Tigers and other extraordinary wildlife in the country.

Our new Naturetrek kit bags and rucksacks have proven so popular with tour leaders and our office staff here in Chawton that we are now offering you the chance to buy them. The kit bags (with wheels and an extendable handle) and rucksacks are made from strong blue nylon and packed with useful features, being made to our exact specifications and holding just the right amount of gear. Some of our original batch from the late 1980s is still going strong — these are built to last!

The Pound has been in the doldrums against other major currencies since the Brexit referendum in 2016...

Operations Manager, Rajan Jolly, outlines the highlights of our new 19-day holiday in search of Snow Leopards, Tigers and Leopards plus an optional extension to see Blue Whales.