Chris Gibson

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Chris Gibson

Chris is an experienced and enthusiastic all-round naturalist, based in Essex, though still a Yorkshireman at heart. He recently retired (early!) from a long career with Natural England, during which he worked on such varied projects as the notification of SSSIs in Essex, offshore wind developments and the issues surrounding the potential reintroduction of Eurasian Lynx to the UK. Although a conservationist by profession, and an ecologist by training, everything Chris have done has been linked to his life-long passion for natural history. In 2009 he was lucky enough to receive the David Bellamy Award of the British Naturalists’ Association, recognising ‘a naturalist of distinction’. He’s also written and co-written many books and articles. Now he has the time and opportunity to return to his roots as a naturalist, and to do what he does best – trying to enthuse others about the natural world. Chris leads various tours for Naturetrek around the Mediterranean.

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