Chloe Amoo


Chloe joined the Naturetrek team in 2019 after an undergraduate degree in Zoology, a Masters of Research in Recovery of Endangered Species and Conservation, and a wealth of overseas experience which included two years working in conservation in Madagascar – a county that she quickly fell in love with. Chloe has enjoyed some amazing travel adventures in between study and work, with favourite moments including swimming with Whale Sharks in Madagascar, diving with Wobbegongs in Raja Ampat, visiting the Brazilian Pantanal and a full year spent working in Gabon where she tracked a group of Lowland Gorillas. Most recently, Chloe spent 6 months managing volunteers at an Orang-utan Sanctuary in Borneo. Although she’s now back in the UK and a full time member of the Naturetrek operations team, she still travels whenever the opportunity arises. In fact, after only one month here at HQ, she headed straight back to Madagascar for a month to lead our tours there!