Andy Foster

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Andy fell in love with Brazil during his first visit there in 1995. After numerous visits over the following years Andy set up Serra dos Tucanos Lodge together with his wife Cristina, basically to be able to continue birding within this endemic rich area! Serra dos Tucanos Lodge remained open for the next 14 years until they moved the whole operation up to their new base Itororo Lodge.

Andy previously worked at a nature reserve on the south coast of England, he was based in the field for the majority of his work and was responsible for bird and botanical surveys, which is how he developed his passion for birding. He was responsible for helping with the establishment of a local wetland reserve and conservation NGO based in the State of Rio de Janeiro. From there he went on to establish Serra dos Tucanos lodge and begun to guide birding tours within the local area.

Having now spent over 20 years birding within the Tres Picos State Park in the state of Rio de Janeiro Andy knows the local area extremely well, and has spent numerous hours in the field guiding birding trips and sharing his knowledge of the local birds with many guests!

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