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Tulip Meadows of Kazakhstan & the Tien Shan Mountains

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A 16-day botany tour of the steppes and Tien Shan Mountains of Kazakhstan, with particular emphasis on the wonderful spring display of wild tulips.

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Against a stunning backdrop of the snow-capped 'Celestial Mountains' of the Tien Shan range, we will search flower-filled meadows of Kazakhstan to find up to 10 species of wild tulip in their homeland. Early collectors first brought these much loved plants to Europe from this region and our tour is timed to witness the flowers in bloom. Our itinerary includes the wonderful Aksu Dzabagly Reserve where over 1,400 plant species have been recorded, and the mountains above Almaty where high-altitude flowers add splashes of colour to the remnants of winter snow.

  • Up to 10 species of wild tulips in their homeland
  • Superb displays of tulips blooming in meadows & mountains
  • Abundant flora – over 6,000 species, including rare plants & endemics
  • Magnificent montane scenery & Central Asian steppe
  • Outstanding birdlife
  • At the heart of the Old Silk Road
  • Legendary Kazakhstan hospitality
  • Led by a top botanical guide


All included in the price.


Comfortable hotel of international standard with private facilities, Almaty; simple guesthouses elsewhere with mostly shared facilities.

Tulipa albertii (unknown)

Tulipa albertii (unknown)

Outline Itinerary Download

Day 1 Fly Almaty

Day 2 Almaty

Day 3/4 Merke Gorge

Day 5/10 Aksu Dzabagly Nature Reserve, Tien Shan Mountains

Day 11/12 Saryyaigyr Gorge, Karzhantau Ridge

Day 13 Drive Shimkent. Overnight train to Almaty

Day 14 Big Almaty Lake, Tien Shan Mountains

Day 15 Almaty

Day 16 Fly to London

Kazakhstan lies at the heart of Central Asia, across the Old Silk Road, the ancient trade route that linked China and the West. It is a massive country, half the size of the United States or the whole of western Europe! Yet with a population of just 17 million, mostly concentrated in the cities, this is a land of vast open and unpeopled spaces. Great stone and sand deserts — the Kara Kum, Kyzyl Kum and Tau Kum — and wide grassy steppes occupy the great majority of the country, interspersed with such great inland lakes as Lake Balkhash and the Aral Sea. In dramatic contrast, along the south-eastern borders of Kazakhstan stands the mighty Tien Shan mountain range, the 1,610- kilometre spine of Central Asia and northern extension of the Himalaya which waters flower-filled alpine meadows, lush forests of Tien Shan Spruce and lowland riverine Turanga forest, and feeds the great lakes and inland deltas to the north.

Kazakhstan’s flora — consisting of over 6,000 species — is interesting and varied. Its alpine and bulbous plants are particularly special, and one of the highlights of this tour will be the wide variety and colourful displays of wild tulips that we will find in bloom in the meadows and mountains. It was only during the second half of the 16th century that Asian tulips found their way to Europe, and the majority of forms in cultivation around the world today were originally obtained from Greig’s and Kaufmann’s Tulips, both of which we will see in their meadows of origin during this exciting tour. Indeed, as we journey westwards from Almaty across south-eastern Kazakhstan, amongst a bewildering variety of other beautiful spring flowers, we will hope to see up to 10 species of wild Asian tulips.

We will begin our tour with a scheduled flight to Kazakhstan’s former capital, Almaty. Built as a Russian military outpost in the latter part of the 19th century, and formerly known as Verny (meaning Faithful) and more recently Alma-ata, present day Almaty is a pleasant and abundantly leafy modern city with a fabulous backdrop, nestling as it does beneath the snow-covered peaks of the Trans Ili range of the Tien Shan Mountains, amongst which stands Mount Talgar (5,017 metres). We stay for two nights in a modern hotel in the city and, after breakfast on the first morning, drive to Lake Kapchagai on the River Ili (which originates in China), approximately 80 kilometres north-east of Almaty. In this arid area we should find such tulips as Tulipa albertii, T. busheana and T. behmiana as well as the attractive Iris tenuifolia and Corydalis karelinii. This area is also rich in reptiles and hopefully we will see Horsfield’s Tortoise here.

Leaving the luxury of the Astana Hotel behind, we spend two nights in simple accommodation close to the wonderful Merke Gorge, breaking the long drive from Almaty with frequent botanical stops along the way. A picnic lunch will be taken at the Kurdai Pass, where we should find the endangered Berberis relative, Leontice eversmannii with its showy yellow flowers and distinctive divided glaucous foliage. This site is a tulipophile’s delight as we should encounter Tulipa kolpakowskiana, T. ostrowskiana and their hybrids, providing a tapestry of yellow, orange and red flowers. We may also find the unusual leaves of T. regelii which flowers very early, as well as a couple of iris species.

Merke Gorge is situated in the Kirghiz Alatau mountain range, its steep slopes covered by clumps of ferns (Ceterax officinarum, Asplenium septentrionale and Cystopteris fragilis) as well as relict Iron Tree (Celtis caucasica). The highlight here, however, is likely to be Zinaida’s Tulip, an endemic species of the Kirghiz Alatau.

We will now drive to Aksu Dzabagly Nature Reserve, the oldest reserve in Central Asia having been established in 1927. During the journey we will stop to explore both the Kuyuk Pass and the Syrdarynski Karatau range where Greig’s Tulip, the largest and most spectacular of the world’s wild tulips, will be in bloom. We will pass riverine forests where the relict species Fraxinus potamophila, numerous Eremurus lactiflorus and the very beautiful Allium karataviense may be found. A simple guesthouse will be our base during our 6- night stay in Aksu Dzabagly. From it we will explore the Aksu and Boroldai Gorges; the latter displaying an unrivalled density of Greig’s Tulips, the former offering such unusual or endemic plants as Korolkowia sewerzowi, Rhinopetalum stenantherum and Scilla pushkinioides. We will also soak in the delights of the distinctive Central Asian open forest comprising such species as Pistacia vera, Crataegus pontica, Pyrus regelii, Vitis vinifera, Sorbus persica, Prunus sogdiana and Padus mahaleb, plus one of the rarest plants of the Tien Shan, the endemic Thesium minkwitzianum.

Next, we will drive to the Saryyaigyr Gorge for a 2-night stay. Situated in the Karzhantau range, the steep slopes of this spectacular gorge will reward us with thickets of Ferula tenuisecta, F. penninervis, Prangos pabularia, and patches of forest consisting of the beautiful ‘weeping’s form of Juniperus semiglobosa. The population of Kaufmann’s Tulips will be our main attraction here — with over 10 different forms in bloom!

Finally, we return by overnight sleeper train to Almaty for some final and rewarding botanical exploration in the alpine meadows of the adjacent Trans Ili range, before our return flight to London.

Calandra Lark (Alan Curry)Demoiselle Crane (Alan Curry)Himalayan Griffon Vulture (Alan Curry)Lesser Kestrel (Alan Curry)Pied Wheatear (Alan Curry)Tulipa buhsiana (John Shipton)Tulipa gregeii (John Shipton)Tulipa kauffmanaina (John Shipton)Tulipa ostrowskiana (John Shipton)
I have nothing but praise for the whole trip. The botany was brilliant, even if much was above my head, and all the arrangements were good.. I make no reservation in recommending Naturetrek to friends and acquaintances and look forward to travelling with you in the future. I will be retiring at the beginning of next year and hope to take full advantage of my freedom.
An amazing experience! Visit to Green Market was a great cultural experience. I love my dombra!
T. & D.L.
We really had a brilliant holiday.
This holiday turned out better than I was expecting...the interpreter was really excellent.
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We will be running this tour in the near future but as yet have not finalised dates and prices. To register your interest and be added a waiting list to be informed when details are confirmed, please contact us or phone 01962 733051.

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I have nothing but praise for the whole trip. The botany was brilliant, even if much was above my head, and all the arrangements were good.. I make no reservation in recommending Naturetrek to friends and acquaintances and look forward to travelling with you in the future. I will be retiring at the beginning of next year and hope to take full advantage of my freedom.
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