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Wolf Watching Holidays with Naturetrek
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We offer a selection of professionally organised, small group wolf watching holidays, offering chances to witness these magnificent animals.

Wolf Watching Holidays

Wolves are shy and elusive, which is part of what makes the thrill of seeing a lone wild wolf crossing an open plain, or a pack of wolves feeding on a kill one of the natural world’s unbeatable experiences. The wolf’s howl is a sound that epitomises the wilderness. Whether across a snow-clad northern landscape or a stark Ethiopian plateau, we are pleased to offer you the chance to see, track or hear a wild wolf on our wolf holidays.


“Our 11-day 'The Wolves of Yellowstone National Park' tour heads for the world's first national park in search of its Grey Wolves. If you want a short break focusing almost exclusively on wolf-watching I'd recommend Wolf-Watching in Spain, while we've also had good wolf sightings in recent years on our holiday to Italy's Abruzzo National Park.”

Kerrie Porteous
Operations Manager

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Naturetrek offers the chance to look for wolves in a variety of countries and landscapes. One of the additional attractions of seeing wild wolves is that they inhabit some of the most beautiful places in the world. From dedicated wolf-watching holidays in Spain, where wolf tracks can be seen right outside our guesthouse door, to watching Ethiopian Wolves hunting, we offer a wide range of wolf-watching experiences in Europe and beyond. Here’s a selection of our Wolf-watching holidays:

  • Wolf watching in Spain – a dedicated wolf tracking holiday in Spain’s remote north-western corner
  • Ethiopian Wolves – a chance to look for the rare and beautiful Ethiopian wolf in the Bale Mountains
  • Poland in Winter - a unique winter holiday focusing on the large mammals to be found in Poland, including a chance to see Wolves
  • Our Sweden’s Mammals tour explores the territory of local wolf packs, with the chance to hear them howl at night 


F. F.
Wolf-watching in Spain

I liked the fact that we were watching the animals but weren't close enough to disturb them. The guides Eva, Tino, Tonio and Javier were excellent. They were enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. The itinerary was packed and we saw wolves, eagles, vultures, foxes and a wildcat to name just some of the wildlife we saw. I enjoyed watching the animals and I also enjoying looking for signs of animal activity in the forest - looking at animal tracks and poo; rare fungus and animals' homes. The food was great too and it was lovely to come back to a tasty meal after our day's nature spotting. We enjoyed every aspect of our holiday.
The diverse and unexpected scenery, the wildlife, particularly the birds, and the elegant and resillient people were all exceptional. I would recommend the holiday to anyone who is happy to get off the beaten track and rough it a bit in exchange for experiencing something unique, although the time to go is now. Both Roy and Abbi were exceptionally good spotters and extremely knowledgeable about the birds and animals we were seeing. Full marks to them; the sheer numbers of birds and mammals we saw is a testament to their skill and effort. Roy also led the group well, responding well to events and keeping us informed about what was planned.

W. Yorkshire
Wolf-watching in Spain

Overall the whole experience was fantastic. This was my first trip alone and also with Naturetrek. I did not feel left out at any point and would certainly book another trip with Naturetrek.