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We offer a wide range of dragonfly holidays

Dragonfly Watching Holidays

Dragonflies are certainly not for the faint-hearted! They are fearsome insects – if you are their size or smaller! They are also dazzlingly beautiful, with a wide array of hues and forms. Our dragonfly tours take you to some of Europe’s top habitats where we have the best chances of witnessing a range of species and their behaviour.


I am excited about the new Sardinia dragonfly tour – it has about 35 species, most of which are not found in the UK, and its proximity to Africa means it hosts some rather exotic species such as Banded Groundlings. Island Bluetail will interest the real enthusiast, whereas Copper Demoiselles are a bit easier to find.

David Smallshire
Naturetrek Tour leader

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Lesser Emperor, Colin BrownGreen Hooktail, Colin BrownViolet Dropwing, Colin BrownSouthern Skimmer, Colin BrownYellow spotted Emerald immature male Dave Smallshire (Dave Smallshire)Blue eye Erythromma lindenii m (Dave Smallshire)Etang de Bellebouche (Dave Smallshire)Etang Vieux (Dave Smallshire)Green Snaketail, Ophiogomphus cecilia (Dave Smallshire)Black Pennant, Selysiothemis nigra (Dave Smallshire)Wallcreeper (Dave Smallshire)General Todorov pool (Dave Smallshire)Copper Demoiselle male (Ian McColl)An interesting specimen (Ian McColl)Sunset over the lagoon (Ian McColl)Ant Lion, Palpares libelluloides (Ian McColl)Common Jezebel (David Raju)Kerala Dartlet (David Raju)


We like to respond to your specific wildlife interests and, in recent years, we have had an increasing number of requests for dedicated dragonfly holidays. We are pleased to be able to offer a selection of tours which focus on exploring habitats where some of Europe’s most diverse and spectacular dragonfly species are found.

All of our dragonfly tours are accompanied by at least one specialist leader. On some tours there may be a second leader with a different area of natural history expertise. Some highlights of our dragonfly holidays may include: observing clouds of damselflies as they emerge in late spring from pools, watching them hover over a lake or stretch of grassland, or witnessing a fight to the death between territorial males.

We’re equally comfortable providing opportunities for the dedicated enthusiast to debate the finer points of identification with our expert guide, or to simply enjoy their beautiful display of colours and forms.

Though we enjoy dragonflies on many of our holidays, here is a selection of our dedicated dragonfly-watching holidays:


Dr T.
Sardinia's Dragonflies

I learned a lot about the dragonflies and managed to get really good photos of all the species we saw. Accomodation, food, wine, weather were all excellent. History & Culture - I particularly enjoyed the trip to the Nuraghi Bronze Age site.
The leaders were very good. Nick’s enthusiasm for dragonflies was infectious and we felt we learned so much from him. Ian was very knowledgeable about birds; both were really good company and kept us interested throughout the holiday.
he flexibility to take time out of the tour to experience local culture and particularly see local sites of historical interest was appreciated and enjoyed. Both Dave and Ian were excellent leaders not only for their specialist knowledge but also personality and good humour. Certainly a 'top draw' team!