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NEW TOUR: Brazil – Birding the Amazon to the Pantanal

Tom Mabbett
By Tom Mabbett
Operations Manager
6th February 2020
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Dates: Sunday 24th May – Sunday 7th June 2020

Cost: £5,495

Combining two of Brazil’s most famous wildlife regions, the vast rainforest of the Amazon Basin and the open wetlands of the Pantanal, this unique 15-day tour offers the wonderful opportunity to sample two very different ecosystems and encounter an enormous variety of wildlife. We shall be focusing primarily on the birds and mammals of these diverse regions, with the legendary Harpy Eagle, various macaw species, Hoatzin, numerous raptors and the striking Umbrellabird just some of the Amazon’s avian highlights, whilst we also hope to find endangered primates, Grey Woolly Monkey and White-nosed Saki. Moving to the famous Pantanal, the world’s greatest wetland, will reveal a myriad of herons, storks, kingfishers, the wonderful Hyacinth Macaw and, of course, its special mammals, with Jaguar, Ocelot, Giant Otter and Tapir all very likely as we head into the famous ‘Jaguar Zone’.

Located in the southern Amazon, the area of the Fazenda São Nicolau Reserve covers around 10,300 hectares, making it one of the largest properties in the entire county of Mato Grosso. Owned by the French government, this area of rainforest is fully protected for eco-tourists, with scientists documenting its wonderful wildlife with ongoing studies. One very special species is the Harpy Eagle and studies in the area have been very successful, with an amazing 33 nests of this mighty raptor found to date. During our stay we will be visiting an active nest with the aim of achieving wonderful views of this spectacular bird from a special tower. A ferry along the beautiful Juruena River provides access to the lodge and we shall stay at the reserve headquarters and head out each day on walks, vehicle and boat safaris in search of the vast array of species to be seen here.


Immature Harpy Eagle (Annelie Utter)


Green-backed Trogon


Grey Woolly Monkey (Annelie Utter)

Leaving the Amazon, a short flight will soon see us in the seasonally flooded plains of the Pantanal, the largest wetland in the world! The area attracts an incredible number of birds and offers some of the finest birdwatching anywhere on the planet.  Vast numbers of herons, storks, ibises and Limpkins throng the marshy areas, whilst raptors such as Great Black, Black-collared and Savanna Hawk watch on with intent. The gallery forests and scrub hold a bewildering array of tropical birds including Antbirds, woodcreepers, toucans, tyrant flycatchers and colourful parrots, not least the magnificent Hyacinth Macaw. During our visit we will stay at two lodges just off the famous Transpantaneira Road as we head out on easy walks, vehicle and boat safaris and night drives. We will journey all the way to the end of the Transpantaneira and from a lodge located within the ‘Jaguar Zone’ we have a fantastic chance of seeing both Jaguars and Giant River Otters and we will spend our mornings and afternoons on dedicated boat safaris looking for these target species, whilst appreciating all the other wildlife we are lucky enough to find. 

This new 15-day holiday departs on 24th May 2020 and will cost £5,495. For more information, or to register your interest, please get in touch with Operations Manager Tom Mabbett, either by phone on 01962 733051 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Hyacinth Macaws (Paul Wild)


Toco Toucans (Paul Wild)


Jaguar (Mike Pugh)