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Wildlife holidays in Uganda with Naturetrek
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Wildlife holidays in Uganda

Tell me about Uganda …

Once the fertile but isolated land of such relatively sophisticated medieval kingdoms as the Buganda, Bunyoro, Ankole and Toro, Uganda’s 72 years as a British protectorate saw a peaceful and prosperous nation pass into the hands of Dr Milton Obote at independence in 1962. Yet the subsequent murderous regimes of both Obote and Idi Amin saw 24 years of chaos and anarchy rip this inheritance apart, before a benevolent President Yoweri Museveni came to power in 1986, backed by his highly disciplined National Resistance Army.

Today, after 19 years of peace, Museveni’s achievements in rebuilding his country are remarkable. Uganda’s large human population is happy, peaceful and optimistic, and its mammal population is fast recovering.

Our Uganda specialist recommends...

"Our ‘Uganda – Mammals & Mountains’ holiday is a 13-day wildlife safari in search of mammals, particularly the primates of Kibale Forest and Queen Elizabeth National Park. Of course the highlight is the chance to see the Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest."

Paul Stanbury
Operations Manager


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Whats special about its wildlife?

Uganda remains a most beautiful country – a luxuriant land of great lakes, abundant swamps, a snowclad equatorial mountain range, and rolling grasslands.

Above all, it is the countrys tropical forests that provide the greatest attraction for the naturalist. Here, among an unrivalled population of primates are over 300 Mountain Gorillas.

Naturetrek tour to Uganda

Naturetreks wildlife holiday in Uganda offers the chance to search for the countrys mammals, particularly primates and birds. These include the Mountain Gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and the Shoebill Storks of Mabamba Swamp.


All in all, this was a fantastic tour and a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable trip.
An excellent well-organised trip. The trip leader, Jonnie and driver, Emmy, were exceptional in their service and presence. The leader in particular, displayed huge knowledge and was extremely helpful to us as rank amateurs. Mburu Camp was excellent - a wonderful place. Mweya Lodge was also exceptional.
Johnnie and Emmy worked really hard to find the birds for us and made sure we all had good views. Emmy, being able to whistle the calls of a great number of species was also very helpful in drawing out those elusive and skulking birds. Johnnie and Emmy are great ambassadors for Uganda and its wildlife. If you have a passion for African birds, I would recommend this trip.