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Wildlife holidays in Guyana with Naturetrek
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Wildlife holidays in Guyana

Previously known as British Guiana, Guyana achieved independence from Britain in 1966. It is a Commonwealth State and the official language is English.

Guyana lies at the point where the Caribbean meets South America on its North Atlantic seaboard. Although little known it is a wonderful country, blessed with unspoiled natural beauty and great rivers, waterfalls and unexplored rainforest.

It has five natural regions: fertile plains, an area of sand and clay, savannah, dense rainforest and interior highlands. More than 80% of the country is covered by forest.

Our Guyana specialist recommends...

"Our ‘Guyana – A Timeless Paradise’ tour is a 17-day holiday in search of the diverse wildlife of this spectacular country. With its pristine rainforests, rivers and savannahs this unspoiled South American country is well worth a visit."

Andy Tucker
Operations Manager

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Whats special about the wildlife?

Guyana is a land of immense biodiversity and a high degree of endemism. 799 bird species have been recorded, and it has one of the richest mammalian faunas of any country of its size in the world.

Its special wildlife includes Jaguars, Giant River Otter, Black Caiman and Arapaima (the worlds largest freshwater fish).

Over 700 bird species have been recorded, including Harpy Eagle and Guianan Cock-of-the-rock.

Naturetrek tour to Guyana

Naturetrek offers a 17-day wildlife holiday to Guyana which searches for birds, mammals and other natural history in this little known and unspoiled South American country.

Some highlights of the tour:
  • Birding by canoe in search of Sungrebes & Sunbitterns in sheltered creeks
  • Red-shouldered Macaws nesting in Moriche Palms
  • The breathtaking Kaieteur Falls of Guyanas interior, situated on the Potaro River
  • Pre-dawn visit to a canopy walkway in search of Harpy Eagles, macaws & toucans plus mammals such as Jaguar, Red Howler Monkey & Black Spider Monkey
  • Looking for giants including Giant River Otters, Giant Anteaters, Capybaras & giant water lilies



Guyana - A Timeless Paradise

Andy Smith was excellent - an ace at recognition, very helpful with his telescope, and very patient with less experienced birders. He also knew his mammals, insects and arachnids very well. Arrow Pint was a good starting point...Shanklands was marvellous and quirky...Surama had a wonderful ambience...the walks were good at Iwokrama...Rock View was interesting and Karanambus rooms, food, and activities were excellent. All in all, an enjoyable and memorable holiday which more than met my expectations. Everywhere the people we met were friendly and keen to share their knowledge. Although I was a tourist I certainly didn’t feel like one! Thanks to all.
Wally was a most caring, attentive leader to all the group and his Natural History knowledge was outstanding.
Very professional, well organised, our leader Wally Prince was just amazing!!!