Tim Dean

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Having started as a 19 year old chauffeur to my avid younger brother in the early 1970's the birding bug soon hit home and has now taken me to 50 countries in search of birds. Many of these trips have been as a client with Naturetrek. In the 1980's I was fortunate to lead tours for Peregrine Holidays to the Mediterranean and The Gambia. Early married life was spent in Hertfordshire & then a move to the Brecks in Norfolk for many years. On retirement we moved up to Rothbury, Northumberland in 2004 and I became the County Recorder in 2006. This task still occupies much of my time and recently involved publication of the 'Northumbria Bird Atlas' which gives a complete picture of the Atlas survey work carried out from 2007 - 11. A keen bird photographer for 40 years and always enjoy losing myself in the hobby, an excellent de-stressing tool as is birding generally. Still have many destinations on my wish list and hope the aging body holds out long enough!

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