Sophie Leguil

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Sophie’s passion for the natural world began at the tender age of four, after raising a Swallowtail butterfly in a shoebox on the balcony of her French home. She went on to study Ecology, specialising in Botany, and studied Central African orchids as part of her MSc. After moving to the UK, Sophie worked briefly for ecology consultancies and wildlife projects in Surrey, undertaking reptile, bat, insect and botanical surveys, before turning to the world of plant conservation. A keen photographer, she has travelled across Europe and Asia to see plants and animals in the wild, from daffodils and Ibex in Spain, to pitcher plants and Orang-utans in Borneo. Although her main interest lies in wildflowers, Sophie is keen to share her knowledge about all aspects of the natural world. She is a Fellow of the Linnaean Society, and an amateur insect recorder in the South East of England. When not travelling, she works as a translator, botanical consultant and writer.

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