Robert Manzano

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TL Robert Manzano

Robert is a Spanish biologist with a broad interest in natural history and a special interest in birds and bats. Raised in both Barcelona and the steppes of central Spain, he first took an interest in birds during a high school project on the bird diversity of a wetland near his hometown. During his degree, he was involved in several research projects on the ecology of shearwaters in the Balearic and Canary Islands, as well as shorebird ecology in the Dutch Wadden Sea. Robert also worked for the Alderney Wildlife Trust in the Channel Islands as a Conservation Officer and Ecologist for two years and in a Spanish consultancy as a wildlife coordinator working in wildlife risk assessment in three Spanish airports. At the same time, Robert has been volunteering for many regional wildlife monitoring projects involving birds, bats and cetaceans. A bat detector given as a farewell present from Alderney has seen him develop a growing interest in these flying mammals and takes the detector with him every time he goes out into the field! His passion for travelling has taken him to Turkey, Georgia, Morocco and Indonesia in search of avian diversity and remote landscapes.

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