Peter Stevens

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Pete has had a life-long interest in birds and other wildlife. Brought up on the edge of countryside and within walking distance of the River Teign Estuary in South Devon, he is still based in that attractive area of England. Passionate about travel, Pete's search for wildlife and particularly birds has lead him to travel extensively in Europe, North and South America, several countries in Africa, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Syria, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Eastern Australia and New Zealand. A professional ecologist, Pete specialised in land management and particularly heath and grassland habitats. He has worked for industry, local authorities and for sixteen years as an ecologist in government agencies. Writing management plans for nature reserves and other sensitive wildlife areas broadened his interests to include butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies. Crucial to much of his work has been botanical knowledge and Pete has carried out numerous botanical surveys including surveying and assessing the condition of several thousand hectares of the Dartmoor National Park Site of Special Scientific Interest during 2013. Pete enjoys passing on his knowledge and he has been the guide on numerous wildlife walks around his home county plus conducting many professional training courses, before joining Naturetrek in 2015.

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